$50 Rebate Offer – Trevor James Flutes

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Purchase any NEW Trevor James Cantabile model, Virtuoso model, Aria model, Concerti model, Alto Flute or Bass Flute from Flute World between October 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014 and you are eligible for a $50 Rebate from Trevor James Flutes.

For a list of eligible flutes, and for more information, please visit http://www.fluteworld.com/Trevor_James_Rebate.html or call Flute World’s Instrument Department at (248) 855-0410!

Altus 1307RBOCD-43-Z-14KR – New Arrival!

This amazing Altus 1307 just arrived!

Altus 1307RBOECD-43-Z-14KR: Britannia silver (.958) handcut Z-cut headjoint with 14K gold riser, Britannia silver body and footjoint, .925 sterling silver mechanism, french (open hole) keys,offset G, split E mechanism, C# trill, pointed key arms, SP-1 springs, drawn tone holes, heavy wall tubing (0.43mm), D# roller, B footjoint

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Sankyo CF-601BONDHV – New at Flute World!

New Arrival!

Sankyo CF-601BONDHV

All sterling silver, french (open hole), pointed key arms, NEL, soldered tone holes, D# roller, heavy wall tubing, handcut RT-1 headjoint, 10K white gold springs, 0.38mm tubing, B footjoint


Contact us today at (248) 855-0410 or flutes@fluteworld.com to set up a trial!

Our first Brannen Flute has arrived!!!!!

We received our first Brannen flute today!!! 

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Brannen Sterling Silver Brogger Flute (SS-BOC-14KR): Handmade, all sterling silver, handcut headjoint with 14K gold riser, French (open hole), offset G, C# trill, soldered tone holes, pointed key arms, .016” tubing thickness, Straubinger pads, Brogger Mekanik and Acoustic, B footjoint, A=442




Pearl PF-9810RBOC: “Gold Maesta” model – 10K yellow gold handcut Calore headjoint, 10K yellow gold body and footjoint, sterling silver keys, posts, ribs and rings, french (open hole), offset G, C# trill, pointed key arms, pinless mechanism, drawn tone holes, white gold springs, 0.30mm tubing, B footjoint


The wonder and fascination with Gold has been with us for centuries. Pearl offers a wide diversity of solid Gold choices. The Maesta Gold flutes have marvelous rich overtones, with a wide dynamic range.

*Calore – The Calore headjoint is Pearl’s most responsive and flexible headjoint ever created. Pearl craftsmen have designed a perfect blend of powerful tone, effortless articulation and exceptional dynamic range in one headjoint that is simply a joy to play.Typical of the big American Orchestral sound with a lot of flexibility, wide dynamic range and fast articulation.