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Flute world serves customers not only in North America, but also Australia, Europe, Israel, Mexico, South America, New Zealand, etc. With www.fluteworld.com, you can enjoy top brands and the best quality whether you are in North America, Australia, Europe, Israel, Mexico, South America, or New Zealand. For flute orchestra sheet music or flute books, you can turn to sales with a professional.

The Broad View

You could study Western music for the rest of your life and only get a small view of the actual breadth of the musical landscape. World music uses different conventions, different scales, different textures and different rhythms. The music of any given culture is an important reflection of its artistic values and its overriding aesthetic sensibilities. From the most exotic and rhythmic tones of Native American singers to the incredible melodic and rhythmic constructions of North Indian classical music, the world is full of riches to explore and to learn from.

Pavane for Flute Orchestra

PavaneThe first arrangement of this piece for full flute orchestra!  This arrangement is scored for 4 C Flutes, 2 Alto Flutes, Bass Flute and Contrabass.

This charming and popular piece was written in 1887. Obtaining its rhythm from the slow processional Spanish court dance of the same name, the Pavane ebbs and flows from a series of harmonic and melodic climaxes, conjuring a cool, somewhat haunting, Belle Epoque(French for “Beautiful Era”) elegance. The piece is scored for a small orchestra and optional chorus.

A typical performance lasts around seven minutes.

Guo Flutes are now available!

Guo FlutesFlute World is now stocking Guo Flutes and Piccolos!  Try out a Grenaditte or New Voice Flute in C, or a Grenaditte or New Voice Piccolo today!

Grenaditte has similar acoustic properties to bamboo-wood, but without the disadvantages of tonal fluctuations, the risk of cracking and the high costs associated with wood instruments.

New Voice instruments are made from a composite material which is super light-weight, and is actually lighter than the standard Grenaditte flute. The sound is brighter and much like that of a regular metal flute.

Seidman Flute Stopper – Available at Flute World!!!

Seidman Flute StopperMade for a universal fit, the Flute Stopper Plug replaces the cork in your existing cork mounting hardware. The Flute Stopper will seal the end of the flute while adding resonance due to its being made of an acoustically reflective material , a hard acetal plastic. Its unique shape creates space around the head joint tubing that allows the tubing walls to vibrate more fully. [Read more...]