Altus 1307RBOCD-43-Z-14KR – New Arrival!

This amazing Altus 1307 just arrived!

Altus 1307RBOECD-43-Z-14KR: Britannia silver (.958) handcut Z-cut headjoint with 14K gold riser, Britannia silver body and footjoint, .925 sterling silver mechanism, french (open hole) keys,offset G, split E mechanism, C# trill, pointed key arms, SP-1 springs, drawn tone holes, heavy wall tubing (0.43mm), D# roller, B footjoint

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NEW ARRIVAL! Altus Platinum Plated 1207RBOCD-PT-Z

.925 Sterling silver handcut Z-cut headjoint, sterling silver body and footjoint, Platinum plated tubing, sterling silver mechanism, French (open hole), offset G, B foot, pointed key arms, drawn tone holes, SP-1 springs, C# trill key, D# roller.